3+ Tips to Boost Productivity at Coworking Spaces 👨‍💻

The monotonous work routine often leads one to move disguisedly towards unproductiveness. It has been observed that the productivity of the employees declines with time.

According to Udemy In Depth: 2018 Workplace Distraction Report 74% of the employees report being distracted, and of those, 46% say it makes them feel unmotivated, and 41% say it stresses them out.

More than a third of millennials and Gen Z (36%) say they spend two hours or more checking their smartphones during the workday.

Workplace distraction is quite common and hurts the employees in terms of their productivity and professional growth.

Many reasons can be attributed to such workplace distractions.

Digital Distraction

One of the biggest reasons is digital distraction.

Technology is hurting the ability of the employees to get their goals achieved. The persistent communication not just hinders productivity but also restricts the employees from giving their best. Such interference of technology with productivity negates the overall growth of a particular firm as a whole.

We will not elaborate on the problem in-depth rather focus on the potential solutions to such underlying problems.

Let us see how one can boost one’s productivity while working at a co-working space like Nomad Spaces.


While working at a coworking space you can expect to interact with like-minded entrepreneurs whose goal is to take their growth to a sky-touching peak. You and your employees get to communicate with such individuals who aspire to gain the acceleration for invariably improving their productivity.

coworking community

By mingling up with the various target and growth-oriented entrepreneurs you consequently build a community.

One can never be distracted if one falls to become a part of such optimistic communities at any co-working space.

And, Nomad Spaces ensures to accommodate communities which let the start-ups and entrepreneurs chase productivity and bring about a positive impact on their businesses.

No Politics, Direct Competition

While many get benefited by sharing space with other firms results in productivity, a whopping 74% of professionals experienced an exponential rise in their productivity after working at co-working spaces.

Many of the employees’ productivity hamper due to the fact that they remain unpolitical and get into the traps of other’s politics at the office. This makes them unenthusiastic and uninvolved in their respective works.

Office politics can be witnessed everywhere except for co-working spaces.

Here at Nomad Spaces you and your employees can work without experiencing any office politics with a 100% chance of getting healthy competition from the other existing start-ups who believe in competition, no complaints.

office politics


Like the natural ecosystem where diversity of natural habitats results in a serene environment and promotes the process of evolution where one strives and survives.

Similarly, when you bring in your start-up or work set up to work at shared spaces, you can get experience from the other start-ups that belong to different industries with innovative minds.

This can certainly enhance your productivity and the ultimate growth of your start-up.

Job Control

As co-working spaces provide you with a service of 24/7 access to the place of your work.

It is natural to get tired of working for a long time. But now as you have moved into a co-working space, you are your boss. You can choose to put off your work and take a mental break from your tedious work routine. You can leave the place and enter any time you want.

Nomad Spaces gives you full freedom and autonomy to work with flexibility.

Thus, knowing about the factors for improving the productivity of your employees must be the foremost thing that you should consider before implementing your innovative ideas into business to flourish.

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