Digital Nomads and Coworking Spaces [Love Story]

There is a direct relationship between digital nomads and coworking spaces.

Coworking spaces are the right destination for these digital nomads. At coworking spaces like Nomad Spaces, a Digital Nomad can expect anything that he/she aspires to be provided with while working.

Before we sail through the benefits of coworking spaces for such digital nomads, let us first understand what and who these digital nomads are. Also, what proportion of the population is part of the digital nomad.

Digital Nomads and Coworking Spaces

Who is a digital nomad?

A person who is completely dependent on an uninterrupted source of internet connectivity and accomplishes his/her work goal by using the technology is a digital nomad.

These are generally a set of people who either work from home or any place other than office like buildings.

Digital Nomads make use of telecommunication technologies to earn a living for themselves and often conduct their lives in a nomadic manner.

They are the remote workers who work remotely from foreign countries, coffee shops, public libraries, co-working spaces, or recreational vehicles.

Stats showing a surge in Digital Nomads

According to MBO Partners, nearly 5 million independent workers fit the digital nomad description, with 17 million more aspiring to be nomadic.

Research shows this group is about two-thirds male, and more than half are over the age of 38, which is older than traditional coworking members. About half the nomad market is comprised of part-time workers, aligning with the freelance segment that often populates coworking spaces.

Definitely, coworking spaces’ future is bright.

Significance of Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomad

Significance of Coworking Spaces for Digital Nomad

It is good to be a Digital Nomad but many factors haunt the Digital Nomads of which the prominent ones are, loneliness and lack of collaboration opportunities.

Human beings are social animals who love to remain surrounded by good vibes that are emitted by human beings only.

And who doesn’t like opportunities to collaborate with great brands and personalities which at times become difficult to carry out while sitting at home.

Why the word “Digital Nomad” is so popular

After having known the definition and meaning of Digital Nomad, we must know the reason behind its popularity and rising trend among the working-age group.

The term location independence was coined by Lea Woodward in 2006 as a word used to describe the digital nomad lifestyle.

There were “location-independent” workers before the “digital nomadism” label became popular.

Historically, one of the first digital nomads was Steve Roberts, who in 1983 rode on a computerized recumbent bicycle and was featured in the Popular Computing magazine.

Since 2014, the term Digital Nomad gained rapid popularity, when websites ranking cities by cost of living, weather, and internet speed to help nomads choose where to live, and international conferences for digital nomads like DNX sprung up.

Digital nomads began to become popular with brand names in 2009. 

National Geographic started the “Digital Nomad blog,” and Dell Computers launched a short-lived website called Digital Nomads.

Followings are a few benefits of Digital Nomads

Financial Independence

Who doesn’t want to be financially independent? Of course everyone!

Being a digital nomad you become financially stable and independent at your own cost.

Work and Travel

Well after choosing digital nomad as a career you embrace the authority to work from anywhere and everywhere without compromising with your passion for travel and tours.


When you are your boss and no one is around you to keep a check on your work, you certainly get the flexibility of work. 

Work Remotely

The reason for which most people leave their time-bound work is that they want to work from the place where they feel comfortable.

For example, a person sitting at his home, in India, can still work for a firm situated in the United States.

Working remotely has its perk of providing a person with the utmost flexibility.

Rising Trend of Digital Nomad

The increasing number of digital nomads

According to MBO Partners’ Many factors contribute to independent workers’ ability to become digital nomads, including the rise in co-living and co-working spaces, the growth of online talent marketplaces, digital nomad tour services, and the rise of helpful online information sites aimed both at nomads and at travelers in general.

Much like independents themselves, nomads are a diverse group, made up of no single generation, profession, or socio-economic class.

While they skew young and male, one-third are female and 54 percent are over the age of 38.

Creative professions dominate, but IT and marketing are also strong participants in the movement.

One in six earn more than $75,000 annually, although they are split relatively evenly between full and part-time workers (54 to 46 percent).

Prominent Digital Nomads

There are many digital nomads across the world who unplugged their 9-to-5 jobs and entered into the world of “Digital Nomad”.

Here are a few renowned digital nomads who can inspire you to become one.

Niall Doherty

Niall quit his job back in 2010, and since then he has been traveling the world and earning a living online.

Earlier he was working as a freelance web developer, and in 2018, started eBiz Facts where he writes about how to make money online.

Chris Brogan

Chris has been blogging since 1998 (when it was called journaling) and his blog is in the Technorati top 100.

He travels constantly and has his finger on the pulse of what’s up with online communities and social media.

Mike Elgan

He’s written for or edited just about every major technology publication, including InformationWeek and Computerworld. He recently decided to use his successful location independent career to become a digital nomad.

Tim Ferriss

Tim is the most popular proponent of lifestyle design and the author of the uber-popular Four Hour Work Week book.

Christine Gilbert

After feeling like she traded in her 20’s for a job she didn’t love, Christine convinced her husband to sell everything and move abroad with their two dogs. She was inspired to blog about her experience to help other young people learn about becoming a vagabond.

Why digital nomads prefer coworking spaces

As I have already mentioned above, two of the major drawbacks of digital nomads are lack of opportunities for collaboration and loneliness which push the digital nomads to move into the coworking spaces.

Although it is possible to connect with people over the internet yet the human-to-human interactions bags a digital nomad more opportunities and improves productivity.

Apart from grabbing more opportunities and filling the void in the life of digital nomads, there are few other advantages of coworking spaces.

Let us try to know more about the benefits of coworking spaces for digital nomads.

Feeling of belongingness

The major reason for the digital nomads to move to coworking space is the feeling of belongingness. This happens because when a digital nomad finds a few others like him/her working at the same place with different objectives, it makes them feel good and gives an opportunity to interact with one another.

Required Amenities

Coworking spaces provide a digital nomad everything that he/she needs the most while working.

This includes good internet connectivity, a kitchen to have your meals up for your hungry tummy, a Skype room to conduct a seamless meeting with your clients virtually, a monitor and a printer to use at your convenience, and many other facilities.

All you need to do is to come here to a coworking space and use your creative mind to further your success.

A place of Inspiration

Coworking spaces offer you a place to get inspired by the people working either as a digital nomad or the entrepreneurs working along with their teams.

These people set-up their office with the creative team who implement their ideas to foster their business.

Bangalore Night

Coworking Spaces in Bengaluru

Bengaluru – the Silicon Valley of India holds the record of maximum number of start-ups in India. It’s true that the Coworking spaces are a great fit for startups as well for digital nomads. And that’s the reason why there are plenty of these shared workspaces in Bengaluru.

If you are looking for some of the well-known digital nomad-friendly coworking spaces in Bengaluru then here’s a list of top 10:

  1. Nomad Spaces
  2. WeWork
  3. 91springboard
  4. Innov8
  5. BHIVE WorkSpace
  7. Regus
  8. Quest Offices
  9. Novel Office
  10. Workshaala

If you are a digital nomad and looking for a coworking space where you can communicate your creative ideas with people around you and invent something that is useful for all, then you must book a space at Nomad Spaces (price starts from ₹4000).

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