Tips to Choose the Perfect Coworking Space in Bengaluru

Coworking space means a place where employees of more than one company (mostly startups), freelancers and entrepreneurs share the same office space to work on their ideas.

Although the concept of coworking space is new to the budding start-ups in India, yet according to a report of The Times Of India, co-working operators have leased over 8 million square feet of office space till April 2019 across eight major cities, driven by rising demand for flexible workspaces, particularly from startups.

With Bengaluru holding a maximum of 32% of co-working spaces available against the other cities like Mumbai (25%), Delhi-NCR (17%), Hyderabad (11%), and Pune holding just 8% of total co-working spaces in India.

Tips to Choose a Perfect Coworking Space in Bengaluru (Bangalore):


Undoubtedly, one must prioritize the very crucial factor “location” while choosing the best Co-working space for one’s start-up.

This is the most important thing that one should consider first, as the location has a lasting impression on the clients during the first meeting regarding your deals or contracts.

Bengaluru being the hub of co-working spaces gives you a wide range of locations to find an appropriate co-working space in accordance with your startups and following businesses to settle down with the utmost facilities available to work in.

Some of the best co-working spaces that you can find in Bengaluru are:

📍 Nomad Spaces

NomadSpaces is situated at a distance close to the metro station, which lets you save your precious time and work in a flexible environment. You have the autonomy to work according to your choice of time and convenience. Nomad Spaces provides all the necessary amenities which is a usual requirement of the start-ups to work in an office-like environment.

Being located at the center of the city, Nomad Spaces also caters to the refreshing demands of the people who like to have a delicious and varied menu for their appetites. This is due to the fact that NomadSpaces is surrounded by a good number of cafes, restaurants, and pubs.

Perfect Coworking Space in Bengaluru

Innov8 Koramangala

Innov8 Koramangala is located at the heart of Bengaluru city, where you can find the corporate hub. Koramangala is India’s major commercial hub. Innov8 provides a flexible work ambience and lets employees and employers maintain a work-life balance. This place is a fully furnished shared office space.

Being situated at the heart of Bengaluru city lets entrepreneurs collaborate over meetings and brunch. 

BHIVE Workspaces

It is located centrally in Koramangala. They offer state-of-the-art amenities that include high-speed internet, free usage of common areas, Meeting rooms, Discussion rooms, and Conference rooms which are under the Policy of ‘Free to Use and Pay to Reserve’.

Novel Office

Of all the shared workspaces in Bengaluru, Novel Office is the largest service office provider with customizable spaces ranging from 100 to 10,000 sq. ft.

Other Factors include:

Co-working Community

After having found a good locality for your workspace, it is important to check out the list of tenants who are working in a particular space where you have decided to move in.

A good community will always create a positive ambience to sit and work in peace.


How can one take no notice of the amenities that hold utmost importance! Yes having all the basic and classy amenities add to your complacent way of working.

Search for all the amenities that are wandering in your mind to fit into the best co-working spaces.

Community Events

Some co-working spaces organize events such as weekend talks where they invite renowned entrepreneurs to deliver their knowledge to the budding start-ups and entrepreneurs.

Such kinds of events motivate them to work with enthusiasm and it also gives them a hiatus from their monotonous work life. 

Cost factor

Finally, after taking note of all the factors such as location, amenities, community events, interiors, kind of various co-working communities, you must look for an affordable work space. 

Although Bengaluru being the most expensive city for choosing a co-working space, yet you can find a relatively affordable co-working space at NomadSpaces which is situated in central Bengaluru.

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Now it’s your turn.

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